Electronic Locks

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New Electronic Lock Range

We are pleased to announce that Acme Seals Limited now offer a range of Electronic Locks for vehicles, containers and sites.  These are alternatives to our one-time use seals giving you our customer the advantage of having best solution for your security needs based on your application.

The Electronic Locks range consists of 3 types, from the standard Digi-Lock which generates a new serial number after every cable release to the Watchdog-Lock which generates a new serial number but has the added advantage of full real time GPS tracking facilities knowing where your consignment is at any time.

Digi-Lock – This is the standard Electronic Lock preventing internal theft and fraud along the entire supply chain as soon as the lock is closed, it automatically generates a unique number that can be transferred to the consignment documentation. If the display shows the same number when the consignment arrives, you can be sure that the lock was not opened during the trip. If several stops are made on the journey, a new unique number is generated each time.

SMS-Lock – In addition to the basic function of the Digi-Lock, SMS-Lock is equipped with a SIM card and can send a text message to a mobile devices or web platform in the event of opening, closing or tampering during transport in real time.

Watchdog-Lock – In addition to the SMS-Lock, Watchdog-Lock is equipped with a SIM card and can:

  • Send a text message to a mobile devices or web platforms in case that the cable and/or the doors of the means of transport to which it has been affixed are opened, closed or tampered.
  • Monitor, analyse and control the position of the vehicle thanks to its GSM/GPRS module built in for geolocation and real time communication.
  • Track the vehicle throughout the journey with a web platform or send a text message with

the position at pre-set timed intervals.

All the Electronic Locks can be used either by themselves or with an additional Security Seal for added security.

Please call a member of our sales team today on 01376 521841 who will be able to discuss and advise the best product for your application.

Full product details click here