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We are fast approaching 29th March 2019 the day when the UK will leave the EU.  As our politicians have not been able to make final decisions and potentially we could end up with a NO DEAL, we have to look at ways of assisting our friends in the Transport and freight Industries who we have been supporting for 100 years or so to make sure that their vehicles and cargo are secure when crossing the English Channel whether that be by Eurotunnel or ferry.  We have seen in the past our motorways both here and abroad blocked at ports due to congestion/port delays, this is only got to be more common after Brexit.  It is when vehicles are stationary for long periods that problems of illegal boarding or theft, so it is paramount that your vehicle is secure; giving you piece of mind.

Whether you are entering or leaving, it would be strongly recommended to make sure your cargo is as secure as possible to avoid border problems and the best way is to put a Tamper Evident Security Seal on it to do this.  There are a variety of different seals that we supply that can be used to do this, it is your option the type you use.  Please contact us today on 01376 521841 and one of our sales team would be pleased to offer our expertise and find the best seal for your lorry/container doors.