SMS-Lock (Electronic Lock)

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SMS-Lock is a device for electronic locking of sites/goods/vehicles, which is equipped with GSM/GPRS communication.  It sends alarms informing about any open/close/tamper event with the device at the time the event occurs. It has function of event notifications in real time.

SMS-Lock is a self-powered electronic system for the monitoring of site, goods or vehicles against theft and tampering. It can send an SMS alert to a PC or to mobile phones in the event that gates, doors or packages protected by SMS-Lock are opened or tampered with. Furthermore, it can be used to protect and monitor access points to controlled areas. The device can be mounted either by screwing it in place or securing it with a magnetic plate.

SMS-Lock functions:

REAL TIME ALERTING: SMS-Lock is a device able to send real time messages, alerting about the state of almost any application point.

LONG LASTING, USB RECHARGEABLE BATTERY: SMS-Lock is conceived for long lasting

operation without the necessity of having to change the battery or recharge it. Low battery alert is send. Typical battery endurance:

  • 4 years with 2 data transmissions per day;
  • 1 year with 10 transmissions per day;
  • 10 days, with continuous operation and transmitting data at 10-minute intervals.
  • In standby> 10 years

ANTI-CUTTING FUNCTION: in the event of the security cable being cut, the device sends an alert.

DEACTIVATION FROM REMOTE: SMS-Lock can be easily deactivated by making a call from your mobile phone. If the calling number is stored in the device memory list the alerting function can be stopped from remote.

OPERATIONS IN HARSH ENVIRONMENTS. The device can work at temperatures from -40° to +85°

REDUCED MAINTENANCE: SMS-Lock doesn’t require any assistance or maintenance.

Security: May be locked with other kind of Security Seal

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